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لینک دانلود کتاب 


1-Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) Models of Mutagens and Carcinogens 2003-02
by: Romualdo Benigni (Editor)


2-Neural Networks in QSAR and Drug Design, First Edition (Principles of QSAR and Drug Design)
by: James Devillers


3-3D QSAR in Drug Design: Ligand-Protein Interactions and Molecular Similarity, Vol. 2
by: Hugo Kubinyi, Yvonne C. Martin (Editor), Gerd Folkers (Editor)


4-Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSAR) for Pesticide Regulatory Purposes
by: Emilio Benfenati


5-3D QSAR in Drug Design: Volume 3: Recent Advances (Three-Dimensional Quantitative Structure Activity  Relationships, Volume 3)
by: Hugo Kubinyi, Gerd Folkers, Yvonne C. Martin


 6-Genetic Algorithms in Molecular Modeling (Principles of QSAR and Drug Design)
by: James Devillers


 7-3D QSAR in Drug Design: Recent Advances (Perspectives in Drug Discovery and Design, Volumes 12/13/14)
by: Hugo Kubinyi, Gerd Folkers, Yvonne C. Martin


  8-QSAR: Hansch Analysis and Related Approaches (Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry)
by: Hugo Kubinyi


 9-An Introduction to Chemoinformatics
by: Andrew R. Leach (Author), Valerie J. Gillet (Author)


10-Advances in Quantitative Structure Property Relationships, Vol. 3 (Advances in Quantative Structure - Property Relationships)
by: M. Charton


 11- Advances in Quantitative Structure-Property Relationships, Volume 2 (Advances in Quantative Structure - Property Relationships)
by: M. Charton, B.I. Charton





آموزش مقدماتی مطلب
با استفاده از لینک زیر میتوانید آموزش مقدماتی مطلب رو دریافت کنید.






1-Chemometrics: A Practical Guide (Wiley-Interscience Series on Laboratory Automation) by: Kenneth R. Beebe, Randy J. Pell, Mary Beth Seasholtz,en (http://rapidshare.com/files/51989917/binder1.pdf)

2-Chemometrics : Data Analysis for the Laboratory and Chemical Plant
by: Richard G. Brereton en


3-Chemometrics in Spectroscopy by: Howard Mark, Jerry Workman


4-Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Chemometrics
by: Kurt Varmuza, Peter Filzmoser

(http://ifile.it/b6tz0g3/chemometrics_multiva.rar )

5-Chemometrics in Environmental Analysis
by: Jürgen W. Einax Heinz W. Zwanziger Sabine Geiß

6-Multivariate Pattern Recognition in Chemometrics, Illustrated by Case Studies (Data Handling in Science and Technology, Vol 9)
by: Richard G. Brereton (archive password: gigle.ws )



7- Chemometrics : From Basics to Wavelet Transform (Chemical Analysis: A Series of Monographs on Analytical Chemistry and Its Applications)
by: Foo-Tim Chau(Password: free4vn.org (some time is: www.free4vn.org) 



8- Applied Chemometrics for Scientists
by: Richard G. Brereton



9- Chemometrics and Species Identification
by: C. Armanino, et al



10-Statistics and Chemometrics for Analytical Chemistry
by: James N. Miller, Jane C. Miller






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